Psychic abilities can be attained by scanning the Aramaic Zohar and actively practicing Ceremonial Magick.

One of the most sensitive situations that we're faced with today is trying to capture the Higgs Boson particle, sometimes called the "God Particle" at the wrong moment. As we already know, nuclear energy can be used for good or bad purposes depending on the user's intentions, just like the "God Particle". Currently in Upton, New York we have developed a RHIC or Relative Heavy Ion Collider in Brookhaven National Labs, called "ATLAS".

On March 6th 2021 the Higgs Boson particle is destined to be captured, opening a celestial gateway to our planet to an area of the universe that contain destructive Draconians. The current director of the ATLAS program appears to be under the psychic influence of the Grey kept in Area 51. Capturing the Higgs-Boson or "God Particle" is where the danger comes from, that's what this Grey is trying to achieve by influencing the behavior of the department head scientist for ATLAS. 

One Grey Alien died and was given an autopsy, another Grey Alien has been imprisoned at Area 51 in Nevada's mountains since the crash in Roswell, NM in July of 1947, thats nearly 73 years. Grey's are not inherently evil, it seems he has tricked the U.S. government with lies of omission due to his imprisonment. Capturing the Higgs Boson particle at 9:25am on March 6th 2021, leading to the start of a 16-day conflict between Iran and Israel at March 12th at 9:22AM EST or 4:22PM Israeli time., it's not a coincidence.

During which, seven nuclear sites are destroyed until Iran surrenders on March 28th 2020, in alphabetical order but not chronological, Arak, Bonab, Bushehr, Darkovin, Isfahan, Lavizan, and Saghand are targeted and Iranian citizens should distance themselves from these areas. 

Most of the invading 5th dimensional entities will be contained into one living person. If that woman is allowed to die, the entites will be released again into our world. This female has the unique ability to be the vessel as she has a Histrionic Personality Disorder, and Catholic Cardinals or Jewish Kabbalists have been trained in exorcisms. Most people that become so possessed by Draconian entities naturally attempt to commit suicide, releasing these demons again into our world, so this must be prevented or more international chaos could result. She will get the help she needs at Waterbury Mental Hospital, in Waterbury, CT until 04/28/2021. 

The imprisoned Grey Alien who has decieved the US military by trying to bring chaos onto Earth, should be sentenced to "time served", justifying his already 73 year imprisonment, and send him to the higher court of the Galactic Federation on Mars, POTUS revealing his existence before the end of 2021. . This alleviates the United States from any wrong doing to the Grey with the Galactic Federation.

Most Extra Terrestrials began appearing after we started to detonate nuclear weapons here on Earth, coupled with our ability to travel through space, is alarming to them. They have been observing us for a long time and they are concerned for their own self preservation, as they have witnessed the fighting and violence between our nations. 

We will rebuild the nation of Iran just like Germany and Japan after WW2 into a peaceful and prosperous nation. God meant this tragedy for Good. Draconian entities can sometimes temporarily target world leaders and cause war. There is a purpose for sharing this information with the world, we may finally understand how the universe truly works as we approach the Age of Aquarius.